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Love Hotel or Motel: A Fun Place To Stay In Rio de Janeiro

By on April 12, 2013
Love Hotel

Before you book a motel in Rio, make sure you know the meaning of this word: no, it’s not what you would normally presume… In Brazil a motel is actually “love hotel”.

The so called love hotel or “motel” in Portugese is a special segment of the hotel industry, offering short stay accommodation for couples seeking privacy.

 Although their main purpose is sex, it is important to note, that motels are neither brothels nor private clubs. They are absolutely legal and accepted institutions in the Brazil sex sceene.

Why People Go To Love Motels

In Brazil, young people tend to live with their parents until the day they get married. Families are big, houses are small… so there is not much room for a dating couple to enjoy privacy.

Since regular hotels don’t really rent rooms by the hour, love motels are the only places where couples can spend a few hours together.

Motels provide good alternatives to married couples too, who look for a change.
There is a wide variety of love hotels from cheap to luxury, geared towards the needs of couples who want to spice up their love life:

themed interior design and decor, private pool, jacuzzi, sauna, mirrors on the walls and ceiling, extra-sized beds, dance-pole in the room, disco lighting, CD-player, TV with porn channels, sex toys, condoms…

…everything to please the senses and make these rendezvous memorable.

These love motels mainly focus on local clientele but there is no reason why a tourist couple shouldn’t try out this special type of accommodation while exploring Rio. You can check-in for 2-4 hours or a whole day, if you like.

Hurry up, though. With the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics 2016 coming to Rio, many of the love motels are now converting majority of their suites into “family-friendly” rooms so the overall love-hotel capacity is going down while prices might go up.


How to Book a Room in a Love Hotel

A few of these motels can be booked online via – make sure you check “Motel” at the filtering options in the left column of the page.

You can find more motels at Guia de Motéis, a popular online motel guide.

There is even a social shopping website (similar to Groupon and the likes) specialized in discounted offers by love motels: Clube do Motel.
The site is in Portugese only and requires a CPF number for the registration, so it is only useful for Brazilian residents.

As these motels are for adults only, children are not allowed in by Brazilian law. The only exception can be if the child stays in one room with his parents. In this case you have to prove with your passports that you are really the parent of the child.


Love Hotel Tips

Here are some good advice for those who find themself looking for a room to spend a few hours with someone they just met in Rio…

“If you’re an adventurer and pick up someone from the sidewalk, make sure that your great looking woman isn’t a guy… Seriously… these guys are amazingly good at what they do (dressing up as a woman).”

“Also make sure that your partner is of age. Unfortunately, many under-aged girls and boys are forced to roam the streets of cities like Rio de Janeiro to support their families or their crack addiction. Please stay away as far as possible!!! If you get caught with a minor in a motel, you will suffer dire consequences. You’ll end up in a Brazilian jail, which is already a frightening place, but deadly for child molesters, and almost certainly your face will be shown on national TV as well.”

These are just 2 hints of the 10 Things You Should Know About Love Motels in Brazil – by


Have you ever visited a motel in Rio?  Share your experiences below!